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Hard Times

UGHBLARGHHHgfhgfhgijghjd-~~!!! I thought summer was supposed to be more joyful and happy! Not many of you know about this, but currently I am going through a big emotional struggle in my life and I just to thank all my friends who have been here for me, even to those who don't even know the situation that is making a crisis in my world, who have helped me ignore all my troubles and worries and let me smile and enjoy what I do have! :)
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I love you Leahhh.
I 'wuv' yooouuu tooo~!!

I really need to stop steal quotes off of those cheap-ass candy hearts they sell around Valentines Day and be more original with my word of affection. :P
I love you tooooooooo Leah
Aw, your such a doll Hannah! Right back at 'cha too, love.

Oh, and by the way...Who is that dude on your icon? I've been trying to figure it out and I'm completely stumpped. I am just gonna guess and say either Leonardo DiCapro or Sylvestor Stlone (I know I p'rolly spelt ALL of the totally wrong, but hopefully you get the idea of who I'm talking about. ^^;;; )
It's Johnny Depp, dork
I luv you Leah...and you know that ill always bne here for you!!

And remember, if ur ever feeling down you can walk to my house any time!!!

Luv you...

I know and will do if nessessary. Oh, and same for your if your down! :D